Romantic Style Weddings

When you hear the word “romance”, images of roses, chocolates, candles, soft music and dim lights flood your mind. These images may be appropriate things to use for a romantic style wedding. Don’t limit yourself. Do some brainstorming and write everything down. As you jot down some ideas, share them with your wedding coordinator or vendors. If you compared notes from others, you would find that others think of romance completely different then you. Make your wedding romantic in your own unique way.

Valentine’s Day may be a time you will want to have your wedding. Some consider this time of year to be full of romance. On the other hand, as long as you are always in love, any day and time can be made exotic. As long as everything is flowing with romance, you can have this style any time of the year.

Of course, the bride is the focus of everyone’s attention. Therefore, she would want to be dressed in the most romantic style wedding gown. Long veil and heavy satin with some beading may be be a great choice. For ideas, consider watching some old movies which will give you an idea of a romantic touch in wedding garb. For a bouquet, use flowers such as roses, tulips or freesia. Other pink and red flowers would be nice as well. They denote romance but are a little less expensive then roses.

If you have an outdoor or indoor wedding and reception, you can set a romantic mood with music, candles and ambiance. Using a venue such as a park, vineyard or private beach sets your theme. Light linens, colors and materials that are fresh and flowing give a dramatic touch to the romantic style. Having a pianist play in the background or stringed instruments while guests quietly laugh, talk to one another or dance, set a soft mood.

When serving food, choose foods that are known for romance. This would include ones such as food from Italy, Morocco or Thailand. Many times we picture these foods being eaten near a fireplace or lit candles with soft music playing as the guests of honor are sipping on some red wine. If you decide to have alcohol present, red wine is a great choice as well as champagne. Champagne is a perfect choice if you have an outdoor wedding.

The bride and groom can offer a special romantic touch to their own day. If one is talented in writing poetry, this is the time to read a love poem. Perhaps singing is your forte, then sing a love song to the beautiful bride or handsome groom. Guests may also wish to include a toast to the bride and groom at this time. All these little things make your wedding day especially romantic. A romantic style wedding is only the beginning. As long as you both work hard, the romance and love you feel at that moment will continue forever.