Make Your Favors Favorites

The sky’s the limit when it comes to considering this tiny but memorable detail to a bride’s big day. A wedding favor not only leaves a lasting impression regarding the newly married couple’s thoughtfulness, but it also punctuates their personality. So this early on, I say nix the store-bought (and usually tacky) ersatz crystal gewgaws that were big in the early 80s, but broke easily once out of the box (so thanks for the memories, broken and all). The secret is to think of something longer-lasting and unique.

These souvenirs should match your chosen wedding motif or theme. A particular color will do wonderfully, but something that reflects your personal or lifestyle preferences would leave an even more indelible mark. Also, go for more functional stuff your guests and sponsors can use after the wedding. None of those dust-catchers that will just get rendered generic along with other wedding souvenir in a shelf (your wedding should not be a glass menagerie waiting to happen).

For instance, one of the most recent nuptials I attended had a Japanese theme, and the sponsors and guests got a charming Japanese tea set in a wooden box. The guests were also allowed to bring home the tiny paper lanterns displayed on their tables along with the floral centerpiece, and I used mine with fairy lights to bring about a romantic Oriental mood in my room.

Speaking of tables, even the place card holders and glass coasters can be personalized with each guest’s name. Not only will it mean a little extra something for them to bring home, but it will make all of your guests feel special and important on your big day as well. You can let your imagination and creativity run wild with these, so long as you stick to your motif, and make sure not one guest is forgotten!

However, personalizing wedding souvenirs is now sadly outdated. While it was a trendy practice in the early part of the decade to engrave your initials (or, heaven forbid, your full married names!) on your wedding favors, nowadays a tastefully-done gift tag or card thanking the guests for attending your big day will do nicely.

Since we’re talking about practical gifts other people can use, having your name on, say, a set of silverware of flatware might just make them feel “borrowed”. Sticking to your chosen color theme or motif (a design that says a lot about you as a married couple, for one) are more than enough to render your wedding memorable.

Here’s another unique and creative suggestion that will be a sure hit with your guests: pick food favors! For instance, I still have the wrapper of one wedded couple’s favorite candy, but instead of the chocolate bar’s proper name, it had their names and their wedding vows as the “ingredients”.

It made all of us smile, and the sugar high ensured a happy wedding reception for the most part. Some food stuff favors that will make your big day even sweeter: candied nuts (chocolate-covered macadamia are always a fave), delicate pastries, bonbons, fruit (fresh or glazed), and others you hold a personal preference for.

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